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Baptism Baptism

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The Sacrament of Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism begins our faith journey, which will not end until we meet God in Heaven.  The main focus of this faith journey is our relationship with God.  We are welcomed into the community of Jesus.  We belong to Jesus as a child of God; we belong with others in our faith community, St. Brendan on the Lake, to the Catholic Church, the Body of Christ and the world as servants to others.


Parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of the faith. 

Parents are to set the example for their children.

 + Through attendance at Mass and supporting the parish

 + Answering questions about their faith

 + Reading Bible Stories

 + Bearing witness to your faith by what you say and do

 + When children are old enough, parents should enroll their children in Faith Formation Classes


The decision to baptize your child should not be taken lightly.  This decision should be made only by the mother and father of the child.  The decision should be made with the full intent of raising the child Catholic.


This decision should not be made because "this is what we do in our family" or because your parents and / or grandparents want you to do it.


When choosing God Parents, select individuals who will work hand in hand with you in helping you raise your child.


The Requirements of God Parents

A God Parent must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation (this is Canon Law) and be over the age of 16.  A God Parent must also be actively practicing their faith and supporting their parish.  A God Parent will be required to have their Priest sign a letter which states that the individual is confirmed in the Catholic Church, practicing their faith and supporting their Parish, and if married, the marriage was performed in the Catholic Church.